International Women’s Day

A female is born…But…

A Brother makes her a Sister 👱

A Son makes her a Mother👵

A Father makes her a Daughter 👩‍🎓

A Husband makes her a wife👫

And she makes herself fit for all these roles…😇

The essence of woman is sharing, loving, caring and Being Herself !!

To all men and their Beautiful women ….


We have been wishing each other and taking pride in being a Woman, but somewhere I feel we lack of being exactly what we are supposed to be. Nowadays, a mother is not fully a mother, a wife is not fully a wife, and a daughter is not wholly a daughter in the true sense of the word. We lack the ‘role play’ expected from us. We start questioning the position we are put into, we try and ward off responsibility and moreover we blame someone else, especially men, for that all we are going through. What do we lack? Why do we blame?

I read somewhere, that isn’t it the choice that we make, makes us go through, all that we go through? Everyone has a choice, we just need to be aware and choose the right one at the right time. Consequence of the choice is totally ours to own.Why blame anything or anyone? It is we who allow men to take advantage of us, I do not give any credit to the men, they simply have no sense of taking advantage, it is something that is entirely a woman quality. Still we blame them? We put ourselves in dangerous situations, we allow certain things to happen, we pamper the male ego and we loosen or completely let go, our pride and self respect for their sake.

As a mother, we bring up a son in a particular way, a daughter in a particular way. Society, culture and values et al !! Who they become, is I feel, reflection of how they are knowingly and unknowingly absorbing things around them. But, a mother is always blamed for not teaching proper values and not bringing up the child correctly. Mostly those who blame are women themselves and some men who have womaniac traits!! How much of a complete mother are you? I would give myself, 80% only. 20% I lack, I admit openly. I watch TV when my kid wants me to talk to him, I reply to all whatsapp messages,Good Mornings, Good nights, even unimportant ones, I have no energy to play with him when I come back from work, there are a lot of things on my mind, that are important than listening to what he dreamt about early morning, I occasionally give him a whack or two if he is naughty, I give him tablet, to play games, just to keep his mouth shut or allow him to watch cartoons. All this and a few deliberately not written things we all do . How am I supposed to blame anyone for that? The reason we blame and get irritated is because we are subconsciously guilty. We reduce the burden dumping the guilt, blame, shortcomings on whoever takes it. The male in the family, because he is the easy target? Questions like who should take care of what, arises. Male ego versus women feminist views, the child is watching and is learning. The child if a daughter, assumes, she has to fight and the son assumes, he has to listen and be irresponsible. Sweetly saying MEN WILL BE MEN!!
Women earlier days never went out to earn money, did they not have financial security and freedom? Women who earned and do so now, do they have 100% freedom of spending their money? They may feel secure because they earn, but freedom of spending what they earn is still a big question mark. Loan installments, children’s education, insurance instalment, grocery bills, household expenses, the money she earns can be used in many different ways. How many women who earn who have a family say, of two children, husband, earns and saves for her spa bills, travelling to different countries, buying expensive makeup? If she has a choice which one does she choose, between paying hospital bills for mom- in-law or going on a all girl vacation? She earns but has no actual freedom. Her choice labels her, vamp or heroine. Women compromise and always try to look good. That is what the society expects of them. Does anyone know someone who is rebel enough to go on a cruise, with her earnings, when the credit card instalments are overdue? The choice is hers to make, who is to blame if she skips the cruise?
The balance of the female energy for the home and male energy for the outside world, does it have a deeper meaning to that? Is a women fully self sufficient without her male escort? Or vice versa? Why do we strive to impose or change the balance between the female and male? To all women who are feminists, and to all men who are chauvinist, go deep inside your own mind and spirit and find out what you actually want? Stop blame game, everyday is a HUMAN SPIRIT DAY , do not segregate into Women and Men days. The balance of Yin Yang…Shiva Shakti …is very important for smooth working of the Universe.